Cap Juluca Hotel in the Virgin Islands – An Exclusive Vacation Destination


Everybody wants to spend the vacation in a wonderful place, a place that will satisfy the entire family. In the British Virgin Islands there is a hotel that tries to fulfill the dreams of their customers. Cap Juluca is an exclusive hotel spread over 179 acres and surrounded by palm trees, beaches with white sand and clear water.

The tourists can enjoy privacy, as they will be accommodated in one of the 18 villas. Each beachfront style villa contains no more than six rooms. The 700 square feet rooms have marble bathrooms large enough to satisfy the highest requirements. White tile floors and louvered doors that can be opened to feel the breezes are other standard facilities provided by the hotel. In the morning a complimentary continental breakfast can be served on the private terrace.

Cap Juluca also has six pool villas on the edge of the beach, which are surrounded by foliage. What is special about the pool villas is the fact that they offer a private or common beach, sundeck and golf carts that will help you get a view of the entire property.

The hotel is dominated by an exotic design, with domes, turrets, arches and parapets. The white villas have a more natural surrounding, composed from tropical flowers, palm trees and spectacular fountains. The white sand of the one mile long Maundays Bay completes the setting.

There are many things to be done at Cap Juluca, besides sunbath and swimming. Water sports are available to anyone, as well as crocket, nature trails or tennis. For those that want to relax Cap Juluca offers a health club or a visit to the gardens that shelter endangered species. Children have a program of their own included. For those that can’t get enough of the sea kayaking, scuba diving, water ski, sail, snorkeling and wind surfing are activities that can be included in their program. For those who prefer adventure a tour of the island Anguilla can be the perfect way of spending a day. Fishing in the sea is also recommended.

Because Cap Juluca wants to make its guests as happy as possible it also offers spa services. They include reflexology, Thai massage, aromatherapy and kinesiology.

Two restaurants are always ready to receive the hungry guests. The first one is called George’s and it is specialized in serving tropical foods, seafood, salads, burgers and sandwiches. The second one, Pimms, serves French-Asian food in a location decorated with Moorish arches.

Cap Juluca in Anguilla is the perfect destination for a beach vacation that you will not forget. Here, there is something to do for the entire family, no matter how large or picky it is. It is a unique opportunity to have the ocean in front of your back door.