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Budapest Nightlife: Make Everything Happen with Pub Crawl


Are you ready to explore Budapest? Why not start it with Budapest pub crawl? When people hear about nightlife in Budapest, they will think first of ruin bars. Well, nightlife in Budapest revolves in different ruin bars.

Ruin bars may sound strange to you, but there is no place better in Budapest to enjoy nightlife than going to these bars. So, if you want to experience all about Budapest nightlife, here are the best places for you to go.



Racskert is a former car park which was converted into a ruin bar. This bar offers a festive vibe and a fantastic view of graffiti-covered walls.

The ruin bar is among the favourites of locals because of its cheap beer and vegan snacks. You can also explore the plant-lined garden and enjoy live folk music. Thus, you do not need to book or make reservations. All you need to do is to come and enjoy the night.

Racskert Budapest


If you wish to experience the biggest ruin bar, you can find in Budapest, then go to Instant. This is where you can find eight bars and two courtyards.

Head your way to Instant to discover everything about an enchanting experience as you hear the live music from early evening up to 6 am. Thus, you will love to witness the unique canopy of hanging sculptures and electric artwork.

Fogashaz Instant

Mazel Tov

You can find Mazel Tov, a spacious and stylish ruin bar. While enjoying the night with your friends, you can also feel the mesmerizing vibe of the place as it is draped with lights, lined with plants and trees, and topped with a sleek glass roof.

Apart from the impressive list of palinka brandy and cocktails, you can also get impressed with the Mediterranean-Hungarian cuisines. Booking is highly recommended!

Mazel Tov

Szimpla Kert

If quirky ruin bar is your thing, then Szimpla Kert is a perfect destination for you. The bar created a trendy appeal by revamping the former car parks and factories into functioning watering holes.

If you head your way to Szimpla Kert, you can have the best time to listen to some heavy electronic beats. You can also take a sip of your favorite drink while staying on a converted bathtub or East German Trabant car.

szimpla kert

360 Bar

Are you looking for a bar that can help you see the 360-degree view of Budapest? Then, 360 bar is the ideal rooftop bar for you. This is where you can choose from a wide array of cocktails and wines along with the delicious snacks.

360 Bar Budapest

Gozsdu Passage

Gozsdu Passage is considered as the party vortex of Budapest. It is a tunnel of restaurants and bars that are draped in enchanting lights. From edgy cafes to cocktail lists, you can start and end your night in this place. Thus, make sure to arrive early evening to have enough time to explore the entire place.

Gozsdu Budapest

If you want to enjoy all these ruin bars as you visit the city, then a Budapest bar tour is what you need.

Start heading your way to these ruin bars and enjoy the best of Budapest nightlife.