Buda Castle

Attractive Tourist Sites To Visit When In Budapest


As a tourist in Budapest, you might be confused about the places to visit as there are many different beautiful places. However, Just Budapest has got you covered.

First, Budapest has a lot of thermal baths; hence, the inhabitants can be called “the bathing tribe”. However, the largest and most popular bath in Budapest is the Széchenyi bath, and it is a place you would love to visit.

  • Széchenyi Bath: This bath has a total of 18 pools (fifteen indoor baths and three big pools outside). Széchenyi bath also offers services like massage therapies, spa, aquafitness, and lots more. You should even know that this bath has its medical values as the water contains essential minerals, including; calcium, sodium sulfate, and Magnesium.

Szechenyi Baths

  • Gellért Bath: The Gellért bath is the next famous baths in Budapest after Széchenyi. The bath has a total of 10 baths (8 baths indoors and 2 pools outside). Thermal baths are also available here. However, the male thermal bath is separate from the females. Services rendered here include aquafitness, solarium, and pedicure. Also, the Gellért bath has sunbeds in good working condition, all for you.

Gellert bath

Budapest is also famous for its historical and high buildings, but one of the top buildings in the city is the Parliament building.

  • Parliament Building: This building is a government building, and it has gained its popularity worldwide as the 3rd biggest assembly edifice. Budapest parliament building is one of the most beautiful buildings in Hungary and even in the world. It has a total of 691 rooms, but not all the rooms are open to tourists. The building walls are decorated with beautiful sculptures, statues of the Hungarian rulers, and other heroes and heroines. You can go for a tour in this building and not bother about the language barrier as nine languages are used for the tour, and the building is open from Monday until Friday.

  • Saint Stephen’s Basilica: This is a church building, and it is one of the biggest in the city. If you are wondering about what you are going to see here, then you should know that the embalmed hand of the first king of Hungary (King Stephen) is in this church. Besides that, the well-decorated walls made by popular artists of that time is also worth seeing.

Apart from the beautiful buildings and baths, Budapest is also known as the city with the famous Danube river:

  • Danube River: Danube river in Budapest is ranked as the second-longest river in Europe. The river runs between the two sides of the city (the Buda and the Pest), making it very possible to view the beautiful landmarks of Budapest. There is also a bridge across the river, and you can decide to go for a walk or enjoy the view. The beautiful lights around the area in the evening with the cool breeze creates a romantic atmosphere for couples. So as a tourist, the Danube river is a place you should visit.

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