Attractions in Auckland


There are umpteen attractions in Auckland. Listed below are the few attractions in Auckland:


Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World

This center is a wonderland of snow and ice. It is home to some of the most breathtaking sights underwater. Get up close with the penguins by visiting the Antarctic Encounter. The penguins play in snow and ice. The swim and plunge below the layer of ice. Face the sharks one on one by utilizing the glass tunnel. The sea creatures are sure to mesmerize you. Swimming with the stingrays is not for the fainthearted. If you are really brave, you might consider entering the shark tank for swimming with the sharks.

Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum overlooks the Waitemata Harbor. It is one of the many heritage buildings in New Zealand. The War Memorial Museum in Auckland serves as the touchstone in terms of culture and spirituality. Auckland Museum is a major stop for those who wish to get a glimpse into the New Zealand way of living. The museum is home to treasures belonging to Maori times. Maori performances are held every day. The natural history is truly amazing. There are local as well as international exhibitions.

Auckland Bridge Climb

The Auckland Harbor Bridge is an iconic structure in New Zealand. The Auckland Harbor Bridge Experience gives you the chance of spending the next one-and-a-half hours under and over the bridge. Tour guides make this experience a fun-filled and safe one. Get a new perspective of the city skyline. Get to know about the bridge’s history. Also explore the AJ Hackett Bungy site which is at the bridge’s center. It is ideal for the young at heart.

Auckland Bridge Bungy

Auckland comprises the first harbor-bridge bungy jump in the world. It is operated by Auckland Bridge Bungy, who are the bungy originals. It is a modern challenge to any tourist. It is situated beneath the bridge at Pier 2. Thos wishing to jump must leap over the harbor. The equipment is safe and secure. The jump pod and retrieval system ensures that your jump is safe and comfortable. The famous ‘water touch’ is sometimes a part of the jump.

All Saints Church

All Saints Church is the second oldest church in all of New Zealand. It was constructed in November 1847. The exact cost of the structure is believed to be 147 pounds, three shillings, and nine pence. It was the first, major structure in Howick. The structure conformed to a cruciform plan. The church’s nave was enlarged in 1862. The Lych gate serves as the memorial for those who were part of the militias of New Zealand when the Land Wars took place in the 1860s. The structure was initially built in St John’s. It was later moved via sea to Howick. Here, it was assembled completely. Most of the early settlers have been buried in the churchyard.